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Michelle encourages participants to utilize their workbooks and offers tips to help them implement the concepts learned. Michelle also recommends that attendees share their knowledge with others and pass along the skills they have learned as another method of retaining the information. Participants are never surprised to be up and out of their seats practicing what was just taught. Michelle is skilled enough to know not to embarrass anyone but she does ask participants to take risks. All of this results in a seminar that is fast-paced and full of information to put to use immediately! Read more

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Summer 2016

Michelle Shares Her 5 Steps To Get Really, Really Depressed

Do you feel like depression is like a lake that keeps taking you under no matter how hard you swim to stay afloat? This Newsletter is for YOU!

There are steps you take to get depressed and then there are even more steps to get really, really depressed. Michelle looks at these steps in detail to find out how we get ourselves into depression. Her study of this important topic may make you laugh as she describes certain things that all humans do to get themselves down in the dumps. The good news is if you follow these steps all the way through, you can also think about doing the opposite. Michelle is relying on your Inner Rebel to rail against her ideas about getting really, really depressed so that you learn how to pull YOURSELF out of it before you go too deep.

Michelle has taken the time to share her 5 Steps. Click on this link, and Michelle Marchand Canseco will help guide you to see what you've been doing, and what you may be able to do differently. She has taught students from all over the world, and the things she shares are common among all human beings. There is nothing cultural about this type of dip into depression. Michelle's 5 Step Plan will give you ideas to do the opposite to deal with this challenging situation once and for all. Think about it... do you want to be a victim of your own negative spiral or would you like to climb out of the abyss on your own? Learn what you need to know NOW! Click HERE.



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